Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Skitter and the AC

This past Monday night Trish and I started watching a movie in the bedroom, which was a bit humid and warm... No, not for that those reasons!  Get your mind out of the gutter! Anyways, I turned on the lamp near the bedroom window to see the controls on the AC. Naturally, I select the high setting!

Not thinking anymore about it, I left the lamp on and we started watching the movie.  It wasn't too long afterwards that we were getting attacked.....attacked by hundreds of skitters.  They were apparently attracted to the light and were able to find their way into the house through small gaps between the window frame and the AC to find us... We spent the next hour or so, swatting and vacuuming up the skitters.... Some were very very small and others as large as the image below!

The next night, as I walked into the bedroom, there is a slight odor of something dead.... I followed the odor to the AC. Looking thoroughly through the inside parts of the AC I found nothing, so I went outside to check.  I half expected to find a mouse or bat, but not the mass of thousands and thousands of dead skitters, flies and June beetle bodies inside the AC.   Apparently, the lamp attracted and the AC's fan dispatched them .  There so many corpses to create enough of a smell to attract many attending flies seeking an easy dinner....

After a half hour of flushing with water, the dead bugs were gone and the odor was much less, which a bit of Pine Sol help fix the remaining odor.... Never, did I think that so many dead skitters would create such a stink......

The skitters are so thick this year, they clogged my AC!

These two photos were taken of the inside of the AC.  And this is after I had already flushed out the AC a day or to prior.


  1. Of all the things that can happen with an AC. Who would have saw that coming!

  2. I know.. it has gotten to a point that I need to pull the AC out and clean it this weekend. It's been cool enough, so I will put the AC away til later in the year.