Saturday, August 18, 2012

Elizabeth A Watters Reynolds

 Elizabeth was the first born of James Watters and Sarah Jane Dingle Watters in year of 1868.  James is of Cornwall England, and a miner.  Sarah is of St Mary's River Nova Scotia.  Sarah is the daughter of a fisherman, Thomas and Margaret Leigh Dingle. According to the 1900 US Census, Elizabeth migrated to the US from Nova Scotia  with a son, James W Reynolds and I assume then husband George Henry Reynolds in the year 1889.  I say assume because I can't find any data about George Henry Reynolds before  1889 and nothing after 1892.  I have no idea where George came from or got off too, but he was in the picture for two children after James.  In the following couple of years, George and Elizabeth gives birth to George Henry Reynolds (II) and Flossie Jane Reynolds.  Both George (II) and Flossie's birth are registered in the city of Woburn Massachusetts.
Marriage Certificate

In 1907 Elizabeth remarries to a James McArdle of Lowell Massachusetts. In the 1910 US Census Elizabeth, George (II) and Flossie are living the McArdle house of Lowell MA.   George (II) marries twice, first to a Margaret Hodge of Lowell MA and then Edith Ruby Heaney also of Lowell.  Flossie (Florence) married a William Kershaw of Lowell MA

In 1919 Elizabeth passes away at her daughters home in Lowell MA.  Elizabeth rest in the Edson/Westlawn Cemetery, Lowell Massachusetts. The bearers were sons James W Reynolds and George H Reynolds (II) and brother James L. Watters.

Today, 17 Feb 2014, while seeking other records for other relatives, I bumped into a record that I had not see previously;  Massachusetts Standard Death Certificate; issued 1919.

Death Certificate

The name on the above record is Hannah E McArdle, which is really Elizabeth A Waters Reynolds McArdle.  My grandmother used her given name of Elizabeth and middle name Anna at different times. Well, apparently she used Hannah too.  The above record has her parents as James Waters and Sarah Lee, which is not totally accurate as Sarah was a Dingle.  Sarah's mother was a Lee or Leigh depending of the record you look at.  This is an understandable error as the informant for the Death Certificate is James McArdle.

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Early morning visit

A earlier visit brought it's end! 

Round about 4am Gandalf goes off on something in the darkness of the per morning light, which was more shadow and dark places than light. Not long after the standard warning barks, Gandalf's voice changed to something more serious. This was my signal to check things out. I slipped into some clothes, found the flash-lite, the .22 and exited the house. The sound of the door closing behind me brought Gandalf to my side, where upon he guided me to coop where something moved in the darkness. I could hear it rustling about the front part of the coop looking for a way into the chicken. Getting a bit closer, the smell hit me first then the scurrying skunk came waddling out the front of the coop. We escorted the skunk a safe distance away from the area, where upon it turned around and was heading back... Gandalf barked, I yelled and the .22 ended it all. So goes the Pepe this night!