Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Short Story!

This is a bird that visits our feeding station daily.  He is an adult Rose-breasted Grosbeak!  Today, he wants to tell us a story!

Dude! We have a problem!

I'll show you!


Monday, July 4, 2011

Downy Woodpecker

Waiting for Mom!
We have Downy Woodpeckers here year round at My Prairie Home.  Along with the Black Capped Chickadee are many times the only visitors to our feeders in the deep winters of Minnesota. Now, this spring as mating season was in full swing,  I noticed for the first time ever a male Downy drinking from a Hummerbird feeder.  Like I said, I've not noticed the behavior before in all the years I have been watching birds.  The female Downy that was with male won't drink from the hummingbird feeder but followed the male up to the feed to eat black oiled sunflower seeds.  It wasn't  until later in the spring that I noticed the female was also drinking from the hummingbird feeder.  I am assuming this was a learned behavor from the male and is not normal.  I will have research this a little.  Now, the female drinks from the hummingbird feeder on a regular basis.  For the past for days, the female has brought her offspring with her to the feeding station just out side our bay window.  They start off with a little sugar water drink, where the female would bring the water to the chick which  was waiting on the post below the feeding tray.  After a few drinks, up to the feeder to eat sunflower seeds.  The female would crack open the seed hull and feed the seed to the patiently wait youngster.  Today, they allow a few quick photos of them feeding on a small post that is next to and above the feeding tray.

You can see more wild bird photos at Prairie Home Images.

Try it, You'll like it!