Monday, May 28, 2012

Murder in Racine

While doing some genealogy research, I came across a murder story in Racine Wisconsin.  Captain John Crangle seem to be ill of health and attacked his wife.  

Captain John was a Lake Michigan boat captain and was well known all about the lake.  John came from Ireland and quickly took to the way of the big waters of the Great Lakes.

Julia Crangle, Captain John's wife survived her wounds that came about her from this attack.  Julia too from Ireland and started life as Julia Nolan. Not only did Julia survive these wounds, she survived the bearing of 13 children.  This is one strong person!  This is one strong woman!

One of the strangest parts of this story was, Captain John just a bit earlier the same day was speaking with others about town.  So, what happened to cause such a thing and to come to such an end?

The following article is the whole story as told by the Racine Daily Journal, 20 July 1894.  I broke the story into parts for ease and the retelling of the story.  In beginning, we learned about the Terrible Deed! Now, the rest of the story.....

Part One... The community!  John was at the cigar store talking about steamers and reading the local newspaper.

Part Two.. The son's story of what happened. Charles is the tenth child and is about 16 years old.

Part three... Julia's injuries.  She is so lucky!

Part four.... Julia survives her wounds.  She does not share the reason for the argument!

Part five.... The Caption shoots himself

Part six.... The daughters are notified. Maggle who I think is Margaret the older is about 19 and Julia was 16 years of age.

Part seven.... Captain was in Ill health... was this the cause?

Part eight.... Thirty years in Racine WI with a bad temp at home.   Of the thirteen children I know the names of eleven.

Part 9...  The Children

Part 10... The scene was visit by thousands.  

This is such a sad event in the time of this family when at mid morning life stops and life ends.  Why am I re-posting this story, well there is a connect back to mine.. Katherine, child number 6, was married to my great uncle John Kennedy.  And while researching the union between John and Kate this story of tragedy was revealed to me.

This story was first posted in the Racine Daily  Journal, 20 July 1894, one year prior to Kate's marriage to John. By the year 1900 Kate too is widowed by an unknown reason.