St Nicholas Request

Photo permission: St Nicholas Church, Caribou

Greetings Bill--

We are developing a gazetteer of St Nicholas churches from all over the world on our comprehensive website devoted to the good saint,

In order to do that we need help, as it simply isn't possible to visit them all and take our own photos.

We would like to use pictures of St. Nicholas Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Caribou, from your Flickr site. Of course, all images will be completely credited with a link to your site.
This church is a nice surprise, as it is one I’d not yet found—and I’ve also linked to Trish Lewis’ blog for more information.
St Nicholas Center, a non-profit with US tax-exempt status, exists solely to spread the word about St Nicholas and to help people understand who Santa Claus/Father Christmas really is. We provide information about the saint, customs from around the world, and a large variety of resources for churches, schools, and families to use to celebrate his feast day. There is also a section for children with on-line activities.
Following our launch in October 2002, the site has been very well-received--this past year we had over one million visits from 154 countries.

The generosity of artists, writers, and publishers in allowing us to place their material on the site has been very gratifying--and has enabled us to offer many rich resources.
The Gazetteer is found through this page— gazetteer

A sample page with your images is here (actually it will be a pop-up box):
Thank you for your consideration--I look forward to hearing from you.

Carol Myers

St. Nicholas Center