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Not long ago I posted about finding what happened to my grandfather; George H Reynolds.   The posted include the marriage certificate between George Reynolds and Edith R Heaney, on which I noticed that this was George's second marriage.  I am pretty sure that I noticed when first I received the document, but it didn't stick, but this time it did.  So, tonight I was browsing through documents for Lowell Massachusetts looking for James and hit on a record for a marriage between George and a Margaret L Hodge, 27 Jan 1915.  George is listed a railroad man and his mother is listed as Hannah E Watters.  Ugh, back to the two "T"!   Now, if you have been following along, George marries my grandmother in November of 1916.  So, what happened to Margaret?  You guessed it... more digging required!

The entry is about 7th from the bottom.

Well, I have found more information about Margaret L Hodge this year in the Lowell Sun Newspaper.



A pretty marriage took place Wednesday afternoon at 6 o'clock when George H Reynolds 
and Miss Margaret L. Hodge were united in the bonds of matrimony, the ceremony being  performed by Rev. Henry A. Cornell at his home 21 Blossom street.  The bride wore a gown of imported ivory silk over ivory liberty satin and carried a bouguet of bride's roses.  She was attended by her sister, Miss Jessie E. Hodge, who wore a similar gown to that of the bride.  The best man was Rev. Reginald G. Tulleck, acting pastor of the Immanuel Baptist church of which the bride and bridegroom are members.  Miss Harriet  Gellrelt  acted as ring-bearer.  After the ceremony a reception was held at the home of the bride's mother, Mrs Jennie Hodge, 11 Main Street.  The users at the house were Thomas S Gellrelt and William Kershaw.  The happy couple left in the evening for Westville, Nova Scotia, where they spend their honeymoon.  They will at home to their friends at 77 Main Street after Feb 20.

Here is the cutting from the Lowell Sun Feb 1916.

Unfortunately, nine months later, Oct 28, 1916, Margaret passes away at home.  Though the obit, below, does say it, I think Margaret passed in childbirth.

Births from the Past!

A collection of Reynolds that were born in Lowell Massachusetts between the years of 1916 and 1935. The data was orginally transcribed by Shirley E. Rathbun from a Lowell Newspaper with the City Clerk's Reports. You can find the orginal posting at the University of Massachusetts Lowell Library. 

The * in the Sex of Child column indicates known relatives.  I believe the line with the Parent Name of Reynolds, John George H. is a typo, as the date of birth matches the date for my uncle Arthur.  Check out the original transciption and you decide.  

They're gone!

A collection of Reynolds that passed away in Lowell Massachusetts between the years of 1900 and 1960.  The data was orginally transcribed by Shirley E. Rathbun from a Lowell  Newspaper with the City Clerk's Reports. You can find the orginal posting at the University of Massachusetts Lowell Library.

Reynolds 1900-1960

Monday, January 24, 2011


The below list of Reynolds were harvested from a text database of Marriage Intentions for Lowell Massachusetts between the years 1901 and 1950.   Shirley E. Rathbun did the original transcribing from the City Clerk's Reports Published in Local Newspapers; The Lowell Sunday Telegram.  The complete database can be found at the University of Massachusetts at Lowell.  Most of the names on this list below have no family connection that I know of yet, but there a few.  The Week Ending Date is simply the last day of the week and all announcement for that week were made all at once.  Sorry about the small size of the image, it was necessary to get it to fit the blog.  Since the data below is an image you can click on it, making the image larger for viewing.

Known Relatives:
George H Reynolds m. Edith R Heaney  11 Nov 1916
Anna E. Reynolds m. James P McArdle  2 Feb 1907
Florence J Reynolds m. William E Kershaw 6 Apr 1912
George H Reynolds Jr m. Rhea F Tessier 8 Jul 1939
Edward A Reynolds m. Marie L D Ritchotte 20 Jan 1940  

Of Interest:
James W Reynolds m Julia E Feeney 15 Jan 1910

 The column headers are; Name: Age: Intended:  Age:    Week Ending Date:

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Grandfather found!

George H. Reynolds
circa 1940
I've been looking for my grandfather, George Henry Reynolds, since beginning this ancestral quest started ten plus years ago.  Recently, I was given a newspaper clipping of an obit that had some details about my grandfathers passing, from which I was able to extract a few hints. 

First, George was the second son to George H Reynolds and Elizabeth A Waters, of whom I have written about in earlier posts.  His date of birth is 27 April 1891.  It is said that he was born in Providence Rhode Island, but there is no records confirming this as of yet.  I did find his folks in Woburn Massachusetts where his sister Flossie was born in 1892.  At the turn of the century, George's father was no longer in the picture.  At this time, the family unit consisted of Elizabeth, George and Flossie and were now residing in Lowell Ma.   You can read more about Elizabeth Watters Reynolds; Waters or Watters. This seems to be starting point of the this Reynolds family in Lowell.  However, there are other Reynolds of similar first names living the area.  I wonder if there was a reason for the move to Lowell, either family or ethnicity. I was able to track the family forward to the year 1907, where Elizabeth is remarrying to a James McArdle of Lowell Ma.  And then again I found them in the 1910 census, where young George and Flossie are with their mother Elizabeth and step-father James in Lowell.  Then, in the winter of 1916, George gets married to Edith Ruby Heaney.  Edith is daughter of one William Heaney and Margaret Caldwell of Chelmsford Ma and Ireland.  This is George's second marriage according to the marriage certificate of 18 Nov 1916.  I have no record as of yet of George's first marriage, but I would think it would be in Lowell also, more research needed. Updated Aug 2012, read more about first marriage here; Hodge.  Well, shortly after my grandparent marriage, my uncle George came along.  Yes, another George!! Then in 1919 uncle E. Arthur and then my father William Caldwell in 1920.  I am sure you can figure out where my father got his name from... So, all the way up through to the 1930 the family is together, then George (my grandfather) is out of the picture.  Why,  I don't know, divorce I guess.  The three boys were were enumerated in the Ayer home for boys in Lowell on, 2 April 1930 as Wards of the state.  Then, but a few days later on the 8 of April 1930 they were enumerated again at home with their mother on Bleachery street in Lowell. 

So, what happen to George H Reynolds?  Up to this point, I found bits and pieces, some possible hits, but nothing to solidify his where abouts. Then a week ago or so, a cousin told be that he had moved to New York state and was working in a hospital.  Quite a change in careers, as George started or at least for awhile was a railroad man.  He worked for the Boston and Maine Railroad company at the time of his marriage to Edith.  Did he start there cause of his father?  Hmm, something to ponder!  Ok, back to the hospital job.  I had discovered a George years ago working in New York as an Orderly.  Is this him?  Then, the same cousin sent me an obit for George that she dug up in her files.  The obit didn't have a date or a newspaper name, but it did have a funeral home name, a city and state, and a cemetery name. I was had enough to start digging again for George.   All weekend I searched and searched the city records, but nothing except dead ends.  The cemetery didn't have a contact point like the Edson cemetery in Lowell, so I moved onto the funeral home.  This morning, after some simple digging for a Burnette Funeral Home of Middletown NY, I found a reference to a Applebee-McPhillips Funeral Home.  They had change their name from Burnette in the early 1960's.  I found a contact email address to which I sent a request for record and confirmation that it was the same funeral home.  I was told that it was and that the records back int he 30's 40's and 50's were sparse.  So, at this point I am waiting for something more from the funeral home.  But, in the meantime, I chatted with a few genealogy researcher from the Middletown area and we came up with the same obit that was earlier mention, plus another clipping from a different newspaper that reported the death of George.

I have three clippings below.  To see the full pages go to my Reynolds Gallery on Flickr.

 Thursday 17 Oct 1946

Friday, 18 Oct 1946

Friday, 18 Oct 1946
Funeral Announcement

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Winter's a long time going!

A line from of one of my favorite movies; Jeremiah Johnson.  Over a fire, a rabbit roasts! Johnson ( Robert Redford) asked Bear Claw (Will Geer) what month it was down below. Bear Claw seeing the wear on Jeremiah's face says; Winter's a long time going!  Right now, I am feeling a bit like Jeremiah, with this winter slowly waining away.  Winter has come early to this area and has stayed much too long, hovering zero for what seems like months, driving us all indoor.  So, indoor winter time activities fills our days and night this time of year.  For me this year it has been blogging, photography, raising chickens, movie watching and searching for ancestors.

Recently, I've connected with long lost family members of the east coast clan.  Though time and distance our paths have moved apart, gaping over the years.  Now, the threads have started growing again and with time will solidify.

I've been working a bit over ten years seeking out my ancestors, collecting data such as; where did they come from, where did the go, and who did the marry?   Though I've not found anything that would be called exciting, but I have from that many of my ancestors come from a little island in the North Altantic called; Ireland.   I've found out the my grandfather, on my motherside, likes to write stories.  I've found that many on the men in my tree spend time in the military, serving their country and others worked in the coal and gold mines of Nova Scotia.  I've found that many of children had short lives and many others were long in the tooth. I've found that some didn't know when or where they were born, some didn't know their own age. I've found some with different spellings of the same name, though lack of literacy, thick accents or poor communication skills, Walter, became Waters and/or Watters.  I've heard stories the we were related to an important Penacook chief and President that kept Cuba at bay, but none of this has come to pass.  Stories are just stories unless solidified with the glue of facts.  All in all, we just another family making its way through the small amount of time we have to spend on earth.

This morning, as I was going through old letters from my grandmother Grace to my parents, I found the following passage.  "I thought of a small fact in regards to your family tree. The only grandfather I ever knew was August Fenske, who is a step grand father as my grandmother married a second time after Otto Grothmann died of T.B..  So, while August Fenske has no real connection, he was a member of the family.  He was very German, never could read English.  He had a son Harry and a daughter who live on that island off south France, where he went after my grand mother died in 1915, I think it was."

All the data I have found about the Grothmann family, was Otto was the son not the father.  His name was Louis or Lewis depending on the census record you read.  I can find August with Rosalie (ggrandmother) in Wisconsin up to 1910, but then gone.  So, if Rosalie did died in 1915 and August took off for the island, that would explain the lack of data... another project for another day.

I also like to photo Mother Nature in all her glory, so will all the projects... winter will pass in good time and we can again spend time swatting skeeters.

I will leave you with a picture of my other winter projects, the Blue Jay.  I hope you enjoy.  The following links will take you to my flickr account with many more photos.


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New Pictures

The year is 1957  and I can only guess that Ruby is showing off her new washing machine with a ringer.  

Arthur and Ruby sharing a moment and possing for the camera, 1960.

William and Arthur, 1947,  dressed pretty smart.


This morning was early for me.  At 4:30am my mind woke me with all the recent events bouncing around in my brain.  After finding Wendi a first cousin once removed, I started chatting with her mother.  Ruth has shared with me a few documents of our ancestors and added a few names to my growing database of family names.  Its now 7am, this same morning, a pot of coffee gone and tired eyes, which have been pouring over the emails and documents received.   The attached document, of which I have never seen before, has a new name for the family; Maud Heaney.    The date of this record is 6 August 1926, which is the activation of the Will appointing John Heaney the Executor.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hannah or Anna?

Or is it Elizabeth?  When I started looking for this person almost ten years ago now, the oral history was, I should be looking for Hannah E Reynolds nee Waters.  But, as I soon learned, her name was Elizabeth Anna Waters of St Mary's River Nova Scotia Canada.  Elizabeth came to this country, with child in tow; James W Reynolds, in the 1891.  She was married at the time to George Henry Reynolds, who I don't have much information about.  After moving to the US, I found them in Woburn Massachusetts (MA), where George Henry Reynolds and Flossie Jane Reynolds were born.  In the 1900 US Census, I found Elizabeth, son George and daughter Flossie living in Lowell MA, at which time I lost James. This record show that she is going by Elizabeth. Were other records reflecting that she was going by name of Anna E. Reynolds.  She remarried in 1907 as Elizabeth A. Reynolds nee Waters to a James P McArdle of Lowell Ma.  Now, today, we found her plot record listing Elizabeth as Hanna MacArdle.  She was buried in the Kershaw family plot in the Westlawn Cemetery in Lowell Massachusetts.  Hold on to your shirt, I will tell you!  Elizabeth's daughter Flossie (Florence) married a William E Kershaw of Lowell and so the reason for resting in a Kershaw plot.  I don't know the where about of George Henry Reynolds, her first husband or James P. McArdle.  YET!

As I was writing the blog this evening, I received information from my cousin Wendi that she has information where George H Reynolds is resting.  I hope to investigate this information further and will report my findings.  But, I am sure Wendi's info is accurate.

Now, I can't take all the credit for locating Elizabeth, Anna, Hannah.  My cousin Wendi helped quite a bit and has told me as of today, 1/11/11, the genealogy bug has been at her house and is now infected.  The other person in the puzzle is Jade Oxton, Head Clerk at the Edson, Westlawn Cemetery.   Poor Jade looked for Elizabeth by way of many combination of the known names and finally after going back and forth with me in email found the record for Hannah, but only after Wendi revisited the plot site.  Now, notice she was buried in a family plot of Kershaw, and the last name of McArdle is spelt different. We were mainly looking for either Elizabeth or Anna but found her as Hannah.  Oh my!  Names and date can be all over the place when digging roots.  Many thanks to the both of you.  

So, Hannah, as the family must have known her, died in 1919, just prior to my father's birth.  This explains the oral history information I first received.

Through Death!

Recently, I found my Grandmothers resting place again, she is resting in the Edson Cemetery in Lowell Massachusetts!  I say again, because the last time I was there was 1968 when we laid to earth Edith Ruby Reynolds nee Heaney, I was about 12 years then.  What I didn't know was that Edith Ruby was buried in a family plot next to her father; William Heaney, her mother; Margaret J Caldwell and her son; E Arthur Reynolds and his wife; Daisy M. Reynolds nee Ritchotte.  Upon finding the resting place through the Edson Cemetery Management office, I was able to get copies of the plot records.  Nothing really out of the ordinary was found on the records, so I put them aside for future reference.  Shortly there after, a researcher for the Ritchotte posted an obit for Jeanne Reynolds, who was the daughter of Arthur and Daisy Reynolds.  While reading the obit a name popped up that I had just recently read on the plot record for William Heaney.  So, I started searching for a Wendi.  I found her in living in Lowell Massachusetts.  We started to correspond with each other about family history and just a reconnecting a lost family link.   Through our talks, finding my Great Mother Elizabeth Waters resting place is possible.  And a new mystery of  two unknown child who also buried the Heaney family plot.

Elizabeth was born in Nova Scotia Canada and came to this country in 1891.  I found Elizabeth and her family in St. Mary's River, Nova Scotia and again in the 1900 US census in Lowell MA, where she is a widow with three children. Her husband ,George Reynolds, apparently died between the years of 1894 and 1907.  I haven't found what happen to George as of yet.  But, in 1907 Elizabeth remarries to a James P McArdle of Lowell.  From there I loose her trail until now.   I hope to have the details of Elizabeth resting place later this week.

The children I didn't know about until Wendi asked me about them and she knew very little.  Not knowing, I again contacted the Edson Cemetery in hopes they had information.  Yesterday, I got a reply from their office.  The children, which there are three are; 

10/24/1876  Ann. J. Heaney    2years.7 months
11/30/1876 Walter Heaney     4 years 5 months
7/28/1980 Ellen May Heaney  2 months 16 days  Correction: 7/28/1880

What does this mean?  Well, it means more digging on who these children are and how the are connected to the Heaney family.  New stuff all the time.

And through death, a connection with lost family ties have started to reconnect.  I look forward to find more of the Reynolds family back east..  Thanks Wendi!

Tex an' the Sheriff's Gal.....................pt3

“Don't try hit, Tex," wuz whut he said;
"Why: yo're only a right young lad.
If I hed tuh smoke up on a boy,
Hit would shore make me feel bad. ,

“A thousand gold is a heap, jest now,
But I aint a gettin’ mine thet way.
Yo‘re safe with me, if yo' want a job;
An' I hope thet yo’ll want tuh stay.“

I wuz a ridin' with him when he got his;
We wuz trailin' a ruetlin’ gang,
when suddintly, they cut hell loose.
The slugs shore whined an' sang.

I fought like hell an' brought him in,
In the night when they couldn't see.
Hit wuz the night thet I told yo' of,
when he turned the ranch tuh me.

I want tuh tell yo' thet I love yo', Nell;
Thet’s a part of my story, too;
But hit aint a part thet yo' must take
with the ranch thet I turn tuh yo'.

I owed yore Dad the years I gave.
Tuh my bargain I hev been true.
Hit's only a part of the life I hev,
An' am willin' tuh give tuh yo'.

I’ve heered yo' say: “I love yo', Tex.“
Soon yore Dad frum the Great Corral
Will come tuh the ropin’ at Laramie
Of Tex an' the Sheriff's gal.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Tex an' the Sheriff's Gal...............pt2

Part 2
I reckon I'll take the southwest trail
Fer the sand blown lone star state,
Fer tuh see my pals an' Texas gals,
But I reckon I'm ten years late.

I feel like hell when yo' cry, Miss Nell;
Whut's a makin' yo' feel so sad?
Thar, thar, little pal, Jim Mackay's gal,
I only paid whut I owed yore Dad.

I've heered yo' say fer me tuh stay,
An' I reckon I've been right blind;
But I want tuh tell yo' a story, Nell,
Then p'rhaps yo'll change yore mind.

Before yore Dad cashed in his chips,
I came tuh the ranch one day,
Plum' hungry an' tired frum a desert ride,
Up frum down Arizony way.

I ast fer some chuck an' got hit.
Yore Dad wuz the sheriff then.
He took me in an' picked me out
Frum his pictures of wanted men.

An' thar, shore enuff, I saw hit,
Frum a Sheriff down Big Bend way.
A thousand dollars alive or dead,
Wuz the amount they offered tuh pay.

I came clean then an' told hit all;
Hit’s the tale thet I'm tellin' yo',
Of two guns bark an' the Sheriff's son
Layin' dead; I hed bored him through.

Fer my sister an' pal, jest a little gal,
Who at home on her sick bed lay,
I paid in full with thet gun O’ mine
The debt thet she couldn't pay.

Then I rode like hell fer the desert,
An' I made hit clean away,
Only tuh run plum' intuh the law,
when I came tuh yore ranch thet day.

I made up my mind tuh make a play
When I found thet yore Dad wuz law.
I wuz a calkerlatin' about the chance
Of my beatin’ him tuh the draw.

To be continued.....

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Frozen world!

With cup in hand I stand looking out my window, passing from warmth to a frozen world of white and gray.  Winter has locked the world as we know it away.  But, yet there is life about;  Chickadees, Redpolls and Nuthatch in flight from pine to feed.  Cottontail tracks giving clue to their presense during the night and a Raven calls some distance away.  Though the north is held prisoner by frost and cold, life is all about.  Stand still for but a moment and witness the Aah of Mother Nature...

Tex an' the Sheriff's Gal... pt1

Part 1

I'm glad tuh see yo' back, Miss Nell;
Yo' shore hev grown quite tell.
I sent fer yo' tuh come back home,
Fer the ranch is yorn this fall.

I’ve missed yo' a heep back thar tuh school;
I hope yo' hev missed me some.
Hit’s hard tuh believe that yo'll soon be
Growed up an' twenty-one.

Hit’s ten years gone since yore Dad passed on:
Yo' war a gal past ten;
I wuz right young, only twenty-one,
But he picked me frum older men.

I remember his words, as he took my hand,
an' looked me plum' in the eye:
“Look after the ranch fer that gal o' mine;
I'm a leavin' ’er, Tex, good-bye.”

I've run the outfit as best I could,
An’ hit’s made some money, too;
Hit‘s all thar in the big tin box,
An' hit all belongs tuh yo'.

Five thousand head of beef's out thar;
Thar a present frum yore Dad,
Thar's five times more’n he hed then,
An’ I shore am mighty glad.

Next Monday week, we're a ridin’ in;
Hit’s the day yo' come of age.
We leave the ranch fer Laramie
On the early mornin' stage.

Yc’re a right smart gal, little Nell,
An’ yo're right smart purty, too;
I reckon yo' wunt need Tex, no mo'
Fer tuh run the ranch fer yo'.

So I'm a leavin’ yo' all next Monday week,
when the lawyers an' courts air through;
When I’ve checked up whut yore Dad left me
Fer tuh keep all safe fer yo'.

to be continued......

Thursday, January 6, 2011

I can't change what has past!

I can't change what has past, I can learn from it the best that I can and move on. For if I dwell too long on yesterday, I will end it and never more be. I choose to live each day and help as many as I can in my own way... nothing more nothing less. -Liam McRaghnail

Saturday, January 1, 2011

At some point!

At some point last night the weather came in and left behind several inches of new snow. 

It was well after dark when I told Trish that we might have had dodge the second storms too.  The weather forecast was for two storms to hit this region, one after the other. What a way to end and then start a new year.  However, the first storm dipped south of us living on the northern prairie, but it did the wind, she did blow and rearrange the snow we already had.

Trish and I settled in to watch a movie called The Cove, which was about the plight of dolphins in Japanese water. My, what a story!  After a bit, I got up to get something to drink or head for the turlet. I don't remember for sure which it was.  However, upon reaching the kitchen, I looked out into the darkness lit by a yard light high on a pole.  The wind was wiping the snow all about and a fair amount was falling from the sky.  Nope, we didn't get missed.  Old Man Winter decided to come a callin and left behind several  inches of new snow and drifts that are now clogging my driveway. 

Its early morn now, the first day of the new year.  The wind she still blows, but the snow has stopped for now.  I will have to wait until morning break to see how much snow we actually got.   However, I can see that the coop will need shoveling before I can open the door.  The path leading from the house to the cars is no more.  The small watering hole that the geese created, is now flat covered in snow.  The geese will now have to wait til spring the bathe again.

The morning light is coming up and the Chickadees are digging for seed in the feeder.  I will have clean out some snow for them to feed. There are few woodpeckers out there braving the wind and snow too.  They feed on the fat I harvested off the deer this fall.  There are drifts all about and the drive is clogged like I thought it would be.  The snow is again falling, but the flakes are small.

Its time to go check on the critters and shovel snow.  After which, I will make breakfast of fresh eggs, onions and venison burger for Trish and I......