Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tex an' the Sheriff's Gal... pt1

Part 1

I'm glad tuh see yo' back, Miss Nell;
Yo' shore hev grown quite tell.
I sent fer yo' tuh come back home,
Fer the ranch is yorn this fall.

I’ve missed yo' a heep back thar tuh school;
I hope yo' hev missed me some.
Hit’s hard tuh believe that yo'll soon be
Growed up an' twenty-one.

Hit’s ten years gone since yore Dad passed on:
Yo' war a gal past ten;
I wuz right young, only twenty-one,
But he picked me frum older men.

I remember his words, as he took my hand,
an' looked me plum' in the eye:
“Look after the ranch fer that gal o' mine;
I'm a leavin' ’er, Tex, good-bye.”

I've run the outfit as best I could,
An’ hit’s made some money, too;
Hit‘s all thar in the big tin box,
An' hit all belongs tuh yo'.

Five thousand head of beef's out thar;
Thar a present frum yore Dad,
Thar's five times more’n he hed then,
An’ I shore am mighty glad.

Next Monday week, we're a ridin’ in;
Hit’s the day yo' come of age.
We leave the ranch fer Laramie
On the early mornin' stage.

Yc’re a right smart gal, little Nell,
An’ yo're right smart purty, too;
I reckon yo' wunt need Tex, no mo'
Fer tuh run the ranch fer yo'.

So I'm a leavin’ yo' all next Monday week,
when the lawyers an' courts air through;
When I’ve checked up whut yore Dad left me
Fer tuh keep all safe fer yo'.

to be continued......

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