Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hannah or Anna?

Or is it Elizabeth?  When I started looking for this person almost ten years ago now, the oral history was, I should be looking for Hannah E Reynolds nee Waters.  But, as I soon learned, her name was Elizabeth Anna Waters of St Mary's River Nova Scotia Canada.  Elizabeth came to this country, with child in tow; James W Reynolds, in the 1891.  She was married at the time to George Henry Reynolds, who I don't have much information about.  After moving to the US, I found them in Woburn Massachusetts (MA), where George Henry Reynolds and Flossie Jane Reynolds were born.  In the 1900 US Census, I found Elizabeth, son George and daughter Flossie living in Lowell MA, at which time I lost James. This record show that she is going by Elizabeth. Were other records reflecting that she was going by name of Anna E. Reynolds.  She remarried in 1907 as Elizabeth A. Reynolds nee Waters to a James P McArdle of Lowell Ma.  Now, today, we found her plot record listing Elizabeth as Hanna MacArdle.  She was buried in the Kershaw family plot in the Westlawn Cemetery in Lowell Massachusetts.  Hold on to your shirt, I will tell you!  Elizabeth's daughter Flossie (Florence) married a William E Kershaw of Lowell and so the reason for resting in a Kershaw plot.  I don't know the where about of George Henry Reynolds, her first husband or James P. McArdle.  YET!

As I was writing the blog this evening, I received information from my cousin Wendi that she has information where George H Reynolds is resting.  I hope to investigate this information further and will report my findings.  But, I am sure Wendi's info is accurate.

Now, I can't take all the credit for locating Elizabeth, Anna, Hannah.  My cousin Wendi helped quite a bit and has told me as of today, 1/11/11, the genealogy bug has been at her house and is now infected.  The other person in the puzzle is Jade Oxton, Head Clerk at the Edson, Westlawn Cemetery.   Poor Jade looked for Elizabeth by way of many combination of the known names and finally after going back and forth with me in email found the record for Hannah, but only after Wendi revisited the plot site.  Now, notice she was buried in a family plot of Kershaw, and the last name of McArdle is spelt different. We were mainly looking for either Elizabeth or Anna but found her as Hannah.  Oh my!  Names and date can be all over the place when digging roots.  Many thanks to the both of you.  

So, Hannah, as the family must have known her, died in 1919, just prior to my father's birth.  This explains the oral history information I first received.


  1. WELL DONE! Very well done. My hats are off to you and your cousin Wendi. Tell her there is no known cure for the family history bug, that she might as well resolve herself to it being a chronic condition! :)

  2. I am just glad that we finally found her! She must be getting a kick out of all the work that had to be done to find her!

  3. I will be sure to let my doctor know, so that he can put this in my medical history. I am off to search for the parents of the children buried in thr Heaney/ Reynolds plot. wish me luck.

  4. Dear Anonymous.. I would wish you luck if I knew who you are!

  5. Hi my name is Hanna Eirene Reynolds.I find it intresting that there is another person in the world that is important enough to look up that has the same name as me only spelled different. It woiuld be awesome if we were somehow related. Anyways I thought It was preet kool so I thought I'd post a comment.