Monday, January 10, 2011

Tex an' the Sheriff's Gal...............pt2

Part 2
I reckon I'll take the southwest trail
Fer the sand blown lone star state,
Fer tuh see my pals an' Texas gals,
But I reckon I'm ten years late.

I feel like hell when yo' cry, Miss Nell;
Whut's a makin' yo' feel so sad?
Thar, thar, little pal, Jim Mackay's gal,
I only paid whut I owed yore Dad.

I've heered yo' say fer me tuh stay,
An' I reckon I've been right blind;
But I want tuh tell yo' a story, Nell,
Then p'rhaps yo'll change yore mind.

Before yore Dad cashed in his chips,
I came tuh the ranch one day,
Plum' hungry an' tired frum a desert ride,
Up frum down Arizony way.

I ast fer some chuck an' got hit.
Yore Dad wuz the sheriff then.
He took me in an' picked me out
Frum his pictures of wanted men.

An' thar, shore enuff, I saw hit,
Frum a Sheriff down Big Bend way.
A thousand dollars alive or dead,
Wuz the amount they offered tuh pay.

I came clean then an' told hit all;
Hit’s the tale thet I'm tellin' yo',
Of two guns bark an' the Sheriff's son
Layin' dead; I hed bored him through.

Fer my sister an' pal, jest a little gal,
Who at home on her sick bed lay,
I paid in full with thet gun O’ mine
The debt thet she couldn't pay.

Then I rode like hell fer the desert,
An' I made hit clean away,
Only tuh run plum' intuh the law,
when I came tuh yore ranch thet day.

I made up my mind tuh make a play
When I found thet yore Dad wuz law.
I wuz a calkerlatin' about the chance
Of my beatin’ him tuh the draw.

To be continued.....

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