Saturday, January 15, 2011


This morning was early for me.  At 4:30am my mind woke me with all the recent events bouncing around in my brain.  After finding Wendi a first cousin once removed, I started chatting with her mother.  Ruth has shared with me a few documents of our ancestors and added a few names to my growing database of family names.  Its now 7am, this same morning, a pot of coffee gone and tired eyes, which have been pouring over the emails and documents received.   The attached document, of which I have never seen before, has a new name for the family; Maud Heaney.    The date of this record is 6 August 1926, which is the activation of the Will appointing John Heaney the Executor.

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  1. Correction: Maud is actually Margaret Heaney's middle name. I was leaning this direction myself after pouring over all the data I have on the Heaney family this past weekend. Then this morning 1/19/11, I received this email from cousin Ruth, who provided the copy of Will for William Heaney;


    After reading that there was a new addition to the family that you did not know about, I checked the Will again and Maud is the middle name of Margaret. Three children: John, Margaret Maud, and Edith R.

    Keep digging!


    With this confirmation from Ruth, I am making this change.