Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fairy in the yard!

I have proof there are Fairy's amongst us!  This morning as I was walking from the chicken coop to the garden, I stumbled acrossed two very small gray color pinwheel umbrella stuck handle first into the ground.  I must have scared the little fellers off.  After all seeing an One-Eyed Sphinx earlier this morning, I guess I can believe there is Wee people out there!


  1. ...I personally am hoping to stumble onto the pot 'o gold

    (I once drove through the end of a rainbow - no gold was seen!)

  2. I too drove into a rainbow... it was either in the mountain above Coeur d'Alene or just east of the Seattle area. This back in 1983..

  3. Man, two chances at gold, and nothing! What a gip LOL