Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cabbage Turnip!

New to my garden this year is the Kohlrabi.  In German, I am told, kohl means Cabbage and Rabi means Turnip! Using online translaters it is true...!  Why am I trying this plant, well a friend, Kristi, recommended the Kohlrabi for its flavor and since its part of the Cabbage family I was all for it. 

After planting, it only took a few days for the seed to sprout and now thinning has started.  The eatible part of this part is above ground (see image) and is round like a turnip. Growing Kohlrabi is best grown during cool weather and most growth occurs in cool weather. Kohlrabi is easy to grow and if you like the taste of Celery you'll like Kohlrabi's nutty celery-like taste.  Now, I am not big on Celery, but I like peanut butter on a Celery stick...

The bulb can be cut into cubes or slices, and cooked, steamed, or microwaved. The leaves can be used like one uses Cabbage leaves.

The truth about Kristi suggestion to grow this plant is; she really likes to eat them and she doesn't have a place to grow them of her own... What are friends for, but to use part of their garden!  Kristi the gabbage turnip is on its way to your table!


  1. Yummy. Can't wait. Thank you so much for growing them for me and I hope you enjoy them too. Just remember though. They do make a person really gassy. LOL!!

  2. I love kohlrabi, but I can't get it to grow in my garden.

  3. Thus far they are growing ok. I will post later on their progress.