Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Our place is growing!

Yesterday, Trish and I picked two Toka plum and two Prairie Magic Apple Trees, along with fifteen hen Barred Rocks and one Black Australorp rooster.   Both are very good layer and cold hardy.  Looking forward to fresh eggs this fall.

There is nothing like getting ahead of a project to motivate the project forward.  The old coop wasn't quite ready for receiving the chickens, but I moved ahead anyway.  The chick spent the afternoon in a small pet corral eating and chasing bugs with my dog Gurl baby sitting, while I dismantled the old partitions and odd placement of 2 x 4's, swept out the old straw and such.  The old building is looking much better on the inside, but I can't say the same about the outside yet.

Awhile back I picked up a pair of Toka's knowing nothing about them.  I soon found out that I really  like the favor of this plum and I am not much of a plum eater.   Now, that I starting to build up this hobby farm I have been seaching for a source of the Toka.  I found them at Honker Flat nursery outside Middle River MN. A 50 mile trip that was well worth the time. I now looking forward to next spring.

The person to whom I was talking with yesterday at Honker's Flat nursery,  recommend the Prairie Magic verses a McIntosh for this area which is zone 3.  I was hoping they had Fireside apple trees and Trish was hoping for the McIntosh apple, but we walked away with the Prairie Magic.  I will let you know in the next coming years on how they are doing and their flavor.

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