Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dorothy Minnesota

Trish and I were out on a early Saturday morning drive.  We started down the Pembina trail which follows for some time the shore line of the ancient Lake Agassiz.  We were on our way to a farmers market in Mentor Minnesota.  As we drove south we came upon Dorothy Minnesota.  There is only a few homes, an old elevator and this old church; St Dorothy, that remain in this once thriving little town.   The town came into being in the early 1900's as the Northern Pacific Railroad came through on its way to Red Lake Falls Minnesota.   Sadly, the town of Huot Minnesota, which is just to the south about five miles, was bypassed by the railroad.  The town of Huot slowing moved to the new site of Dorothy.  The existing church in Huot, St Aloysius, closed and the St Dorothy church was built and open in 1919. 

The priest, Father Bossus, at the time celebrating the regaining of his eyesight through surgery erected a shine to Mary Mother of Jesus at the Huot site.  The shine is said to be used to this day.

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