Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June Beetles!

Under the yard light each morning I am finding many pieces of June Beetle bodies. What is happening here? Its like a war zone for insects and the June bug is loosing!  The reason for all these body parts on the ground under the light is, the Little Brown Bat.  I noticed a bat earlier in the year (about mid March), but haven't seen many since.  But, I know they are here. 

Since the beetles are abundant everywhere I look, I thought to feed the chicks some protein by throwing in a few beetles to them.  I remember the fun watching chickens from past flocks, but was pleasantly reminded the antic the chicken will go through when finding a good piece of food.  Once the beetles is discovered, it is immediately recognized as food.  It's grabbed up and the chick will then start running madly around the flock.  I'm not sure if its trying to show off the prize or to escape those that are chasing.  Maybe a bit of both!  Its not long after the chasing starts that the beetle starts disappearing.  As the chase goes on, the beetle will becomes the possession of many different chicks until there is no parts left.  Its like the chickens version of rugby!  Soon, the ticks and flys will become part of the game of chase!

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  1. I learn so much and not only learn, but have fun while learning, from you.

    I love the part about it being the chicken version of rugby...