Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Tenants!

This morning, while watching the Goldfinch at the feeder near the bay window, I noticed activity out in the garden and the cabin looking bird house, which I don't believe was ever intended for actual use, but rather for home decorating.  With no place to display this bird house in the house, I mounted it on a corner fence post, over looking the garden.  I was hoping for Chickadees or Wrens to move in and help tend the garden.  The activity was a  pair of House Wrens, which are moving in.  Now, I hope they can get along with the Bluebirds that are living in a bird house on the opposite side of the garden in a old bird house I found tacked to a pine tree.

Each I am in the garden I am being watched by many sets of eyes.  These however, have a front row seat.  If you click on the image and look closely inside, you will see the Wren hen looking back.


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  1. It's a busy place around Prairie Home, as you pointed out this morning...a regular crossroads! :)