Sunday, November 21, 2010

Routine a fowl!

The snow is affecting the chickens normal routine, which was to patrol the yard starting off with the wild bird feeder.  There was always a few black oil sunflower seeds that made their way out of the feeder by way of either wind or a picky woodpecker.  From there they would head for the Lilac bush and yard beyond.  Soon, they would make their way to the garden and work over the ground, leaving fresh fertiziler for next year.  Next, its was off to the compost pile and the salt block shed.   Today, they barely got out of the coop and that because of my boot bumping their butts out the door.  Most of the day, they have been idle, just sitting in one place, like they are in shock.  Rudy made his way to the roof, but here too was several inches of snow.. He wasn't a happy rooster today... very little crowing.  The guineas too made their way to the roof, where they roosted for a few hours before heading back into the coop.   I am sure that as they get uses to the snow, the patrol will be back.

1 comment:

  1. Lovely photos. I hope you'll share more. The closeup of the hen with the nice comb was amazing!

    Rudy is lookin' good himself in this shot. Maybe while he's in shock during the winter I'll have some respite from his surprise