Thursday, November 18, 2010

First snow!

The first snow of the year is resting on the ground now. Though not enough to messure, it does change the appearance of the yard as I look out the kitchen window towards the coop. There is promise of additional snow throughout the day to what depth I don't know. I can't help but wonder what the chickens and guineas are going to think this morning as they exit the relative warmth of the coop and see snow for the first time In years past, I have had many hens that refused to walk on the snow, packed down or not.  A few would not come out all winter, some I hand carried the first few times until they got use to the white stuff.  

A few days later!
This morning we recieved a nice blanket of snow, which caused the chickens and guineas to remain inside the coop. I literally had to chase them out into the snow, which was not something they want to do all. I had to bump butts with my boot to get them out, which they immediately went for high ground; fence post, trees, Burdock stalks, and the roof of the coop now had either chickens or guineas attach to it. An hour later I found them pretty much in the same place, with the exception of Rudy on the coop roof with the guineas. Now, on the other hand, the geese are having a good time in the snow and the cold doesn't seem to be bothering them at all.


  1. I am enjoying your blog and looking forward to reading your comments as you experience your first winter on your northern homestead

  2. Oh, this isn't my first year in the north, it was be the first year on the prairie and on this piece of soil. Thank you for you comments....

  3. I don't blame the chickens. I would stay in the coop all winter if I was them, too. :P

  4. I can't get over your photos.
    Just lovely.