Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cold Days ahead!

So far so good as the temperatures up here in the northwest of Minnesota go.  Its been a good year for mild temps, reaching back to last March.  But, now it seems we are sliding towards zero and soon.  Last week, we were in the 40 and 50 for daytime high, this week we might reach 30.  However, the chicken coop seems to be a steady 15 degrees warmer than the outside temps. I hope it's enough later in the winter.  Each night and morning I check Rudy's comb and waddle for frostbite and to give a little massage. He is starting to get use to me reaching up and petting him. He does seem to enjoy, but who knows whats happening in his little brain.  I do wish he would remember the pettings during the day light hours, as he likes to attack from the rear right as I am walking across the barnyard.  Typical rooster!   The hens are laying good and we have more eggs than we can handle, so the EGGS FOR SALE is out.   So far, we all are doing good, but winter is long, dark and hard.

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  1. Rudy probably can't help himself. I kinda like him that way despite him being a royal pain in the butt...lol