Sunday, November 7, 2010

Chicken coop raider spotted!

This morning after downing my buck, I walked the 1/2 mile back to the barnyard and entered one of my outbuildings where I keep my outdoor gear.  I was in need of a pair of surgical gloves for the upcoming field dressing chore.  As I approached the shed noticed an odor that was not normal to that shed. I entered and immediately heard rustling within and to the rear of the shed, which is where I was heading. I was thinking, damn mice.. I will have to place some traps.  But, upon reaching the back of the shed, I saw a blur of movement to my left and only got a glimpse of what is a much bigger animal than a mouse!  Now, I was thinking a stray cat.  I knew our two cats were in the house.  So, quickly I moved toward the hiding animal... hoping to scare the s...t out of the cat and send it packing to parts unknown.... but to my surprise it wasn't a cat!  FOX! I thought loudly in my head!  After all, why yell when there is no one there to hear ya! The raider of the chicken coop is a Fox.  Off he ran in a bur towards the front of the shed and through the open door.  As I reach the doorway, all I saw was a reddish and gray fox, high tailing across the yard and into the woods.  Now, I warned him, don't come back.. but I have a feeling he will not heed my words.


  1. Another possible threat is the Red-tailed Hawk, particularly a Juv.
    I had one kill a large chicken and I arrived just as it died. The Juv. was not too afraid and sat in a tree nearby. I set the dead chicken out on a bench and each day the hawk came to feed and left the rest of my chickens alone. The days were cool so the meal lasted for over a week and each day the hawk became tamer and let me watch from ten feet away. As I walked up it would turn its back to me and cover the chicken with its wings as if to warn me it was not about to give it up. When the snow arrived it headed south, looking for a chicken coop no doubt.

  2. Voyager... did you get any photos of this effect with the young Red-Tailed Hawk.. If so, I would love to see them. I did have a Great Horned Owl hanging around stealing Guinea Fowl, but I afraid birds of prey don't go inside a chichen coop after dark to make off with a dinner or two. I am pretty sure the fox is the quilty party to the night raids. Thanks for commenting, I enjoyed reading your story about the hawk.

  3. I live in south louisiana and have about 40 chickens. We have hawks (I believe red tail) that nest in our cypress trees 2x's a year. This week my husband was outside working and saw a juvvy hawk attack one of our chickens. He didn't really hurt her and one of the roosters came to her rescue, but not when he flys over making his load squealing shreaks, the chickens waddle quickly to get under their coop.

    Bill, I found your site because I'm looking for a natural way to kill red ants as this year the chicken yard is covered with piles. I was reading about the mosquito barrier more concentrated taking care of the red ants. What do you think about trying to make your own garlic formula?

  4. I suppose one could try making their own garlic formula, but as little as I used in comparison to price, why bother. Ants are very chemical sensitive... are these fire ants that you speak of. When I lived in Texas, the fire ants were terrible, getting into everything, biting, stinging and mounds popping up over night. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. -Bill