Thursday, August 5, 2010

New tool in the kitchen!

I went into the store this evening to pickup some freezer bags, when I came across Ziploc's Vacuum Freezer bags and Starter kit.  The price was a bit high, but vacuumed sealed, I was in!   So, I started my test.  No, I am not working for or receiving any cash rewards for this post, but I wish I was. 

Vacuumed Sealed beans
The kit comprises of a small hand operated pump and 3 bags of the quart size.  Since I just pick a peck of green beans, they are my test project.  After snipping, washing, blanching, and chilling, I started the bagging process.  I bagged up the total peck first.  I then zip sealed the bags, which we all are familar with.  I notice that this process for these bags was pretty easy.  Some bags I have found a bit difficult to line up the zipper.  These, however were easy as heck. 

Before the vacuum!
After zip sealing all the bags, I then (following the instructions) used the small hand pump by placing it over the target area of the bag.  The target has a one way value, which allows the air to be drawn out with the pump. If you look close at the images there is a blue circle on the top right corner of the bags, this is the target area for the pump.  I then pumped sealed all the quart sized bags which I used for the peck.  Yes, I bought another box of bags.  Upon finishing all the bags, I noticed that three out of the ten bag were leaking air, as they were not holding the tight sealed look of no air in the bag.  Upon check the zip seal, I noticed that I hadn't completed sealed the three bags in question.  This time instead of pinching the zipper between my index finger and thumb, I used the counter and my index finger.  And I felt the zipper seal up.. so I tested all the bags this way and did find a few more not completely sealed.  I then pumped out the air, waited a few minutes prior to placing the bags into the freezer.  All held their seals.

The second part of this test will be tomorrow, as I move the bean from the small refrigator freeze to the large chest freezer in the basement.  I will let you know the condition.  You will just have to wait.
After the vacuum
A quick inspection of the frozen vacuumed sealed green beans this revealed that all the bags held their seals.  Off to a great start!  Next test will be later down the road as winter sets in and I get a hankering for something green from the garden.


  1. I've been wondering about those bags, I have trouble keeping the freezer burn away. Glad to see it worked out... so far. Let me know how they taste later.

  2. So far the bags are holding up. I will post how they are doing later this winter as I pull some out of the freezer to get at the food within!