Monday, August 30, 2010


Just Opening

All another the area of which we live, NW Minnesota, there are fields and fields of Sunflowers.  So, why did I sow a patch of my own, who knows.  After getting my new garden space up and running this past spring, I started breaking ground to increase next years garden space. Why more space... Well,  I love to have enough garden to support our freezer and pantry and to sell at a local farmers market and to share with those that are in need.  But, I am getting off topic.  Well, after breaking the ground up, I decided to sow some black oiled sunflower seeds.  Yes, the kind that you would feed the birds.  I was hoping to get a few sunflower heads to share with my birdy friends this winter in their time of need.  So, yesterday as I was crusing around the yard with camera in hand, I came across the spot of sunflowers that are trying there best to bloom.  They were planted late in spring, maybe even early summer, so they are way behind their fellow sunflowers in the area, which are about done.  In the process of walking around the patch, my shutter found a few interesting images that I would like to share with you.  I have the imagies post on Flickr.  Please visit and leave your comment on the image... yes, you will need a Flickr account, but its free.

Click here is see the images at Flickr

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  1. The sunflower shot really is amazing to me. The color, the clarity, but also how you caught it as it's 'looking downwards'...