Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wood Frog

Wood Frog
This past spring and early summer has been very very wet up here in the northwest of Minnesota.  So much so, the basement hasn't dried total out yett.  The humid level is in the 70%, the sump pump is slowly down, and the dehumidifier is still working on reducing the wet air.  The old cistern, which I am going to turn into a root cellar is about dry.  Dang thing was a constant flood this spring.  I am sure growing mushrooms would work in this basement right now.

Outside, the grass is growing like a weed, the yard has these small patches of mushroom popping up, the skitters are now thick as mud and the Wood Frog is happily gorging themselves on them.  I found this little fellow at the base of huge pine.  As I watched, it grabbed a few flies and skitters.  Just think about all the skitters these guys eat and yet there are thousands leftover for the birds, bats and to pester us!

The Wood Frog likes a wide variety of environments, woods (duh), prairies, and tundra.  It is actually the only frog living north of the Arctic Circle.

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