Monday, July 26, 2010

Sweet Banana Peppers!

Our first major harvest this years will be the peppers, with the beans coming in close behind.  I picked a peck of Sweet Banana Peppers this afternoon in the heat.  Needed to get them on the vine so to speak.

I decided to quick freeze this peak of peppers which is a simple process of washing, trimming the stems, and then packing into ziplock freezer bags and then off to the freezer with them.  Trish and I just bought a new freezer.  Just in time for harvest.

These peppers can be used fresh or cut up into salads or even better stews, soups and chilis later in the years as the snow falls and one yearns for spring.  At least one can have the taste of spring as the winter winds hawk by.


  1. It was fun working with you in the garden today. I know I don't do enough, but I intend to try more and more between self-motivation and loving pushes from you. Don't give up on me. lol

  2. Very NIICCCCE peppers. I picked a peck of peppers.....LOL.