Thursday, July 15, 2010

Iron Range

Not keeping with my blog theme, I post this about the trip I am currently on.  Wednesday last, I set forth to the east of Minnesota, where I stopped and turned around in Virginia.  Which is one of the many cities up here in the northeastern part of Minnesota called the Iron Range.  I am stopped in Chisholm, from here I branched out to two job sites, one in Buhl and the other Hibbing.  All are range towns.  Chisholm is home to the 85 foot tall Iron Man.   Talk about steampunky!  Yes, that comment was for you Trish!  Tomorrow, I head for Grand Rapids, to yet another job site.  Along the way, there are a number of stops I plan to make, so I can capture a few more image of this region.  Stay turned.

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  1. I've learned a LOT about Minnesota hanging around with you...I love learning about something I love, and I do love my home state...and I'm learning about it from the man I love so that is amazingly cool!! :)