Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Upon the night air

In the wee hours of the morning, Gandalf goes off on something in the field to the south. The urgency is his voice sets Gurl off, who is lying on the floor next to the bed. Damn she is loud! With both dogs barking I figured I best check things out. The clock read 1:30 am as I rolled out of bed heading for the front door. I didn't get but a step or two when I learn what the alarm was about ... Pepe Le Pew had entered the domain of Gandalf the White. The air was full of the scent of da skunk, to which gave me I little desire to go outside. But, after checking the cams that watch the coop, I saw Pepe roaming around trying to get in. Gandalf no worse the wear followed me to the coop with flashlite and .22 in hand. Can you image an old fat man wandering around in the wee hours chasing a skunk about the yard and trying to stay clear of the spray. Pepe the wiser headed for the woods. I returned to the house to watch the cams for awhile. No further evidence, so off to bed again... Not a hour later Gandalf and Gurl are alarmed and the aroma of Pepe was again in the air. I wasn't able to catch up to Pepe this night. So, I wish him a good night with warning not to return. Come morning Gandalf had a slight hint of a new cologne; Ode de Pepe Le Pew!

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