Saturday, October 22, 2011

New night time visitor!

Coyote visiting the yard at 1:30am
At 1:30am this morning, the security camera captured a blurred of an image of an animal moving quickly in front of the chicken coop. After a closer's a Coyote!  This is the first time, that I know of, a Coyote has been in our yard.  Time will tell if it continues to visit.  I am looking forward to what else this sec camera captures.

As of late, I have been hearing a single Coyote howling at sunset in the fields just to the east.  Now, its in the yard and as long as it behaves, I am not going out of my way to remove it, but once it starts after our patience will end.

However, this time it behaved itself by leaving our cats and the geese, which are in a pen (off camera) just to the right of the coyote, alone.  Don't try my patience mister coyote, cause it will be your doom.  I know! I know! This well behaved coyote will need to move on, cause after all who can resist a goose dinner when its negative 30 below.

A little information about Coyote can be found many places about the web.  This link is to the Minnesota DNR site about Coyotes.

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  1. poor babies! I sure hope that coyote behaves himself!