Thursday, October 20, 2011

Michigan Ave

1918 Birth Certificate
My cousin Laura asked about a recent post; Where was our grand/greatgrand mother, Grace Whitfield Herrick,  living at the time of her fathers death in 1919?  Well, at the time my best guess was plain ole Illinois, which was based off of census reports for the family.  But, now I have a solid answer for Laura......

I just located the birth certificate for Grace Francis Herrick, first born of Grace and George Herrick.  The address listed for Grace Whitfield Herrick was 6732 Michigan Ave, the same as her father, Frank Whitfield at death.  So, Grace Whitfield Herrick was living with her parents at the time of death or shortly before.

Now that I got you attention, a few things to note from the certificate.  George was not at home at the time of Grace Herricks birth.  He was at  Fisk University, Nashville Tennessee.  He is a Lieutenant, which I am guessing was while he was in the Army.  However, none of his military records that reflects a duty station in Tennessee.  Also, note that his birth place is reported as Port Arthur Washington.  For whatever the reason, he listed a few different places of birth in Washington, but we know he was born in Illinois, and more than likely his mother's birth place of Freeport.  In the 1900 US Census, its reported that George was 8 and born in Illinois.  George's middle name was Francis, like his dad, not Frank.  But, I can see why one would say Frank instead. 

I am only guess here, but I bet these are photo's of the 6732 Michigan Ave houses backyard;  Backyard, Hanging on for dear life, and Give Daddy a kiss.  Now, as I reread these post and consider what I just learned on the Grace's birth certificate,  the Kiss for Daddy is because daddy (George) is away with the Army.

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