Friday, October 21, 2011

Encounter after dark....a short story!

As the sun sets, a feeling of worry and fear creeps down the middle of your back. A coyote howls and then a scream! The night becomes silent and you're on full alert, feeling and listen to every movement. A branch snaps in the not too far off distance...another snap and then another! ...its getting closer.

The sounds of each foot step is now noticable, but still a fair piece off. You have time to sneak away, but no! No, you want to see what made the coyote scream and silent the night, so you slipping under a bush to watch the darkness and to listen! ...its getting closer.

The sky is now dark and you can't see much past a few feet in any direction! A grunt!  SNAP! Another branch breaks! You quickly get out of the bush and stand quietly on the small path you had been walking. You want to run, but you can't stop wanting to know. Again, the grunting started, and again and again.. Then silence! Nothing is moving! Another grunt and now drumming of somekind comes to your attention. As you listen, the hair on the back of you neck stands straight up! ...its getting closer!

The grunting and soft drumming continues. Suddenly, you remember that you have a flashlight in your pack. You quickly gain access to the light only to find it low on battery power. After a few minutes of cussing, you get the light to work, but the beam isn't strong enough to cut through the darkness that has swallowed the landscape around you.'s getting closer!

You are froze in place and dare not move as the grunting and drumming continues to move closer. You shine the dim light right and left to no avail for you can only see but few feet at best. Is it a bear? You've heard plenty of them before moving about. They are mostly quiet but some can grunt plenty. The hairs that were standing on the back of you neck is now joined by the hairs on your arm and back!'s getting closer!

You've talked yourself into the fact that this thing that moves in the dark is a know can't out run or climb this animal, so standing your ground is the only option. Your mind begins to wander about all the bears you have encountered in your travels through the woods... most give ground if the option is there, some just don't care and charge. You attention is brought back by another grunt. The drumming has started again, but its hard to hear. ...its coming!

Grunt, grunt, grunt, and more soft drumming.... this is no bear, none that you are familiar with anyways. Why is it still there? Why hasn't it charged or backed down. A thought comes to you from a memory of a situation you once had!  You start looking hard up into the trees, but can't see but a few feet due the failing batteries. And since you hadn't heard any whining or bawling, the thought of cubs near by fades. Again you start wondering what else this could be if not a bear. A few more grunts come to your ears, there different this time. A bit of impatiences is heard in the grunting!  ...its coming!

You heard the grunt again and realized that sound wasn't coming from afar but rather at you feet. A hard lump has formed in your throat and you try as you might, you can't get it to go down. Slowly you scan you dim flash light on the ground in front of you, not knowing what you will find. At first you don't see a thing, but as you stretch your arm down in front of you, the shape of a large round animal appears right in front of your boots. What the hell! A....a... porkerpine is grunting at your boots and patting his feet on the ground. It was like he was telling you to get out of the way! So you do just that!  Stepping off the trail, the porker waddles slowly down the trail into the darkness with not as much as a look or even a knod of the head to say thanks or good night!


  1. That was a great story Bill. Lots of suspense. Loved the ending too. -Estelle

  2. That was a fun story...and I never would have expected that ending! :)