Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mother hen

Mother and chicks
 This past Sunday I was looking in on our brooding hen.  She greeted me with her normal growling and a peck to the hand.  I was looking for chicks and sure enough I found them hiding under her wing and other just coming out of their shells.  I told the hen she was OK and I left her.  Naturally, I have checked on her each day since and the number of chicks are growing.  We are up to ten and about six eggs yet to hatch.  This morning, three days after hatching started, I moved the clutch and hen to a room in the coop all to their own.   I did this mainly to allow the chicks a few day of growth without other members of the flock bothering them.  The hen wasn't too happy with the move this morning or with me handling her, but quickly settled down and nested into a corner of her choosing.   Look close and you can see a chick borrowing in under the mother hens right wing.

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  1. I love hearing about the progress from your point of view, Bill. You've been doing an amazing job with the birds. It's SO cute that shot of the chick sticking out from under his/her mother's wing! :)