Sunday, June 5, 2011


Guinea Keets
On May 5th, I decided to hatch about eight guinea eggs, but I wasn't confident we had a male servicing the hens.No matter, I thought I would try.  Ten days in I candled and discarded those that didn't show any development, which left me with five eggs.   Last night as I checked on the progress of the eggs, I noticed a few cracks on a couple of eggs.  This morning we have three chicks that have hatched, which seem to be a little camera shy.  The other two eggs haven't start showing signs of hatching yet.

After I gathered the eggs for hatching, a male guineas stepped forward a let his presences be known.   He was spotted mounting the hens and terrorizing Rudy the Rooster by chancing him around the yard.  So much for the rooster ruling the roost.

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