Sunday, June 21, 2015

Meep! Meep! Are you mom?

Honey Bees
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Took the camera for a walk this morning to see what is blooming and the change the SD cards in the trail cams. I just love seeing what's move out there when I'm not. After changing the first camera's card, I moved down the trail as quietly as I can. The trail breaks out of the wood lot into an old field full on Goldenrod yet to bloom. Then, after a bit the trail bends west through a Willow swamp and into an open small open space in the Popples. As I rounded a small bend in the Willow swamp, I froze in my tracks as a doe was but 40 yards away standing on the trail at the far end of the Popple opening just where the trail dead end into the brush. We stood there for the longest time. I don't think she spotted me. As I watched she continued eating and milling around the spot. Every once in awhile she would to the north which was to my right. I knew what that meant! After a few more minutes she bleated, stamped her right foot, turned and walked off into the brush, which Im now noticing is blooming.

As I stood there, a fawn came out onto the trail about half way from me and where the doe stood.
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Now, here a child is not listening to her mother, I thought to myself. It quickly ushered itself down the trail towards the doe and out of sight.

Not wanting to disturb the doe and fawn, I wander about in the open area looking for Monarch eggs or caterpillars on the Milkweed. After search for some 15 minutes or so, it was time to check out what was blooming where the doe stood earlier.

I quietly walk over and found the Pagoda Dogwoods were blooming and the bees are all over it. As I was trying to capture flower and bee in the same shot, I heard this soft meep sound to my right. At first it kinda sound like a Catbird, but I knew better. The call at first was getting closer, then it veered to the west of me, but not far. Then, right in front of me another meep meep sound and a suddle (I know its spelt wrong, but I like it) movement of the brush. Yes, I knew what was making the sound, but didn't want to frighten it. I continued my efforts of getting a shot of the bees on the flower. Then, a bump on my left knee cap brought my attention back to the little critter walking about in the brush.

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Yes, it was the fawn! It was now bumping my knee with its nose and calling. I said hello in the quietest and softest voice I could muster. It just stood there looking about. I bent down to get under the tops of the brush to get a better look. That proved to be too much movement as the fawn moved away a few feet in distance.

I continued talking to the little fellow not wanting to frighten it into getting lost from mom. I was able to take some quick shots
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before it moved off into the brush. I slowly and quietly backed out to the trail and out of the area of the Popple opening. I'm sure mom was worried and wanted to get back to her fawn.

I just love it when Mother Nature says hello!

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