Tuesday, June 9, 2015

HomeMade Ice Cream

Got bored waiting out the rain this morning, so I broke out the 2 quart Cuisinart Ice cream Maker for its first batch.

Following the simple ice cream recipe in the booklet, it made some outstanding ice cream!  Well, I think so and that's what counts

1.5 cups Whole Milk*
1 cup granulated sugar
3 cups heavy cream**
1.5 tablespoons pure vanilla extract

* I used store bought Organic milk for this batch, since I was out of Raw Milk
** I used store bought heavy cream, again I was out of Raw Milk

Next batch will bee using Raw Milk (local dairy farmer) Honey (Our bees) and Eggs (Our chickens)

4 c Raw Milk (with cream still in it)
.5 c honey
3 whole eggs

Allow raw milk to settle so that the cream comes to the top (in a half gallon container). Poor the top 4 cups off into a bowl or your ice cream maker (this will make sure you get as much cream in there as possible).

Add 1/2 cup honey and mix. We use a plunge hand mixer to make sure the honey is incorporated well before we add the eggs. Next add the three eggs and mix the same as with the honey. The honey has a nice flavor but you can also add any flavoring you would like at this point.

I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE!  Following the second recipe, using nothing but raw milk, eggs and honey I whipped up this batch of ice cream!

This will be my base vanilla recipe from now on!  Can't wait for the strawberries to coming!

The above recipe was found at SparkRecipes

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