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St. Monica church
This window was donated to the St Monica's church by Edmund and Mary Margaret Herrick in the 1940's or 50's.   The window still hangs in place within the Catholic church of Mishawaka Indiana.  The photo as recently taken by relatives on Mary's side.  Both Ed and Mary are from Cork Ireland, but married in Boston Massachusetts in the early 1900's.  I don't know if they knew each other back in Ireland, but chance they might.  Ed and Mary lived a number of years in the eastern city of Cambridge MA, with brother James1, sister Mary M2 and cousin James J Herrick3 near by before heading west in the 1930's to Indiana.  Ed and Mary settle in the Mishawka area and became members of their community and St. Monica church.

They both rest today in the Fairview cemetery of Mishawaka in an unmarked plot.   Ed is the brother to George Francis Herrick4 my great grandfather on my mother's side.  To read more about the Herrick see the link below.

I must give thanks to Aaron D. and the Thornton relatives for this picture and the other data that will be posted on later date.


Recent communication with a member of the church, I learned that Ed and Mary also donated the window that is above the choir's section and greets the parishioners as the come for service. Click each image to see a larger view.

This is the St Monica Church is Mishawaka Indiana.  The large circle shaped window above the doors is the window above the choir section.

Window above the choir!

Interior view of the St Monica Church and the choir section

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1 James arrived in the USA in 1897
2 Mary arrived in the USA in 1906
3 James J (cousin) arrive in the USA in 1897
4 George Francis Herrick arrived in the USA in 1873 and settled in Illinois


  1. That is fantastic! How did you discover George and Mary donated the stained glass piece to the church?
    I love the whole story it is so well written it reads like a novel, I cannot wait to read the next chapter.

  2. Wonderful photo. We're thinking about taking a family adventure to this church to check it out.
    --C. Herrick