Tuesday, September 28, 2010


From somewhere within the dark places of my mind, I remember being inside of a large cuckoo clock, where there were hundreds of clocks ticking, ticking, ticking!  No, this is not a night mare, but a memory from my childhood some forty years plus ago.  Today, as I was rambling through document and working my family genealogy, I came across (again) and old post card of the Worlds Largest Cuckoo Clock, which I thought I had missed placed.   Yes, this is the clock I remember.  This is the clock that was talked about, back in the day, around the dinner table or in the living room.  I don't recall the actually conversations or where it actually took place, but I do recall the clock being talked about and I remember it was so cool to walking into a working clock.  Cool, may not have been my word of choice back in the 60's, but it works for now.  Back around 2003 is when I initially came across the post card. Upon looking up the address on the web, I found the owners of the clock.  Soon after writting to them I recieved a reply back in the form of an updated post card.   I thought, and still do, that it was very fanastic that I receive a reply in the new card.   Some forty years seperation in time, but the clock still stands. 


  1. That would indeed be a fascinating experience, to be inside a giant mechanical clock! And not just any clock, but a work of art like that...wow!

  2. Hi Bill, this is the cuckoo clock shop in Wiesbaden Germany, we got the e-mail you sent and are very happy to see this blog. We printed it out and are displaying it. Thanks again, the Cuckoo Clock Wiesbaden!

  3. This is an E-Mail from the world`s biggest cuckooclock in Wiesbaden.

    We were able to read the blog you e-mailed us about the cuckooclock-postcard.

    We are happy to hear from you and your experiance and good memories with our cuckooclock.

    We printed it out and will show it to our customers.

    Thank you again from almost the same team of the world´s biggest cuckooclock in Wiesbaden Germany from 40 years ago.

    Steve and Julius Stern

  4. Now that is truly special, hearing from the folks that run the shop!