Friday, September 17, 2010

Beaver Hut

Beaver Pond

A long drive back to eastern side of the state filled my eyes with great color and beauty. Out here on the prairie, the colors are not so bright and or of many shades.  I finished the last 100 miles of  the 500 mile round trip in the dark,  so I didn't notice the growing amount of open spaces and the lack of red in the trees.   
Supporting leaf

Maple in Red

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  1. I admit it is beautiful that is for sure. But I am also thankful for the flat Red River Valley all the abundance food it produces, as boring as it may be. I grew up here and admire its different kind of beauty, it's openness, the same openness many in deserts or arctic regions also talk about. I have tried to find beauty wherever I am, whatever the geography. But I shall always have a soft spot for my home area...