Sunday, March 31, 2013

Alfred Whitfield

Alfred William Whitfield born to John and Elizabeth Whitfield in the state of Illinois in 1859.  Alfred had two brothers Frank E, and Charles J. Whitfield, also of Illinois.  Alfred at some point is his life relocated to Ohio and in 1898 married a young woman by the name of Etta G Shisler.  Etta was the daughter of Samuel and Hannah Wollam Shisler of Ohio.  Alfred was a telegrapher in Sandusky County Ohio.  I can only imagine the stories he sent and received across the wires.  Alfred and Etta had but one child; Lena G Whitfield, 1899!  After a time, the family fell apart and Alfred relocated to Columbus Ohio and this is where we find his final resting place in the Union Cemetery.
telegrapher in northwest

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