Sunday, September 11, 2011

My 911 memory!

A week prior to 911, I was scheduled to fly to New Jersey through the Dulles IAP on Sunday 9/09/01 and returning on either 9/11/01 or 9/12/01. Instead, my client in New Jersey had to reschedule.  My client was one of our many sales staff and I was responsible to setting up their home offices with a broadband connection. Since, I wasn't able to setup this office up I contacted another sales staff who lived in the mountains above Reno.  She was ready for my visit and so I reroute my flight to Reno Nevada for the same dates and then a follow onto LA California on 9/14/01. So, my schedule was short stay in Reno, come home to Duluth for a few day and then off to LA for a few days.That Tuesday, 911, morning I was working on setting up a satellite internet connection for one of our regional sales folks. I had just got it up and running when I received a frantic phone call from home and was instructed to turn on the TV. I did so in time to see the second plane collide. We were all numb watching the TV and listening to the new release. The job done and I needed to get back to Duluth but all the airports was closed and the skies were empty of any private planes. So, I am now stranded in the mountains above Reno trying to figure out how I was going to get home. I wasn't going to make it back to Duluth, so the plan was to drive to LA  from Reno. The drive took two days to get to LA from the mountain home above Reno. What a pretty drive through Rockies. I arrived in LA in time to start help move the sales office to its new location. My job was to breakdown the computers and network and then get them up and running in the new office. With the job done, it was now time to get home.. the planes were flying again and caught my return flight through the John Wayne IAP LA. I remember I had to repack my carry-on bag and put my tools into my check luggage instead. I was able to get home by 9/21/01.

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