Wednesday, October 13, 2010


August and Rosalie Fenske
 I 've been working hard as of late getting back into my genealogy.  I have recently discovered new branches of the tree, knocked down a wall, and started a scanning project of 100 year old photos.  My guess is that most to the family have not seen these photos and its time they did.  I am scanning the images in high resolution for maximum affect.  I will be posting the photos on Flickr or some other web gallery to share with family members.  This, I hope, will allow easy access to the photo for all family members that want a copy or print a high quality photo.  Stay tuned for upcoming post of the gallery creation and postings.

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  1. I think that's a marvelous idea, providing this anyone who wants a copy. I have scans of a lot of photos and documents - over 700 in fact - but I didn't have the ability sometimes (other times the foresight) to do high quality scans. Someone else will have to do that someday. I feel like I have done so much overall gathering the history I don't feel too bad about that...but I admire greatly what you're doing, and think it's a great idea!