Thursday, May 27, 2010

Poison Ivy

Now that spring has sprung and the itching has started, I want to lay to rest a long standing issue that I have some folks with miss-identifying Poison Ivy!  This is Poison Ivy in spring (image 1) colors, a set of three shinny green leafs.   

image 1

This is Poison Ivy in  fall (image 2) colors, the same set of three leafs, but now they turn a rusty red.

image 2

Now, the confusion!  This is sarsaparilli (image 3) in spring colors.  They have five leafs in a group of three. Notice they are not show shinny and again five leafs.

image 3

And now more confusion!  This sarsaparilli (image 4)  in fall colors. It is still sporting five leafs, and a rusty reddish color.  Again, five leafs and it don't cause the rash.  Actually, some earthy type drinks have been made from the root of this plant. The problem lying in the eradication of the wrong plant and still the itch appears.

image 4

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  1. That was truly educational for me...nicely presented, simple. Even I could understand! :)