Saturday, July 24, 2010

Skeeters - Last Update!

Well, here I am to the point where I have totally decided that this stuff works; Mosquito Barrier.  Last night I resprayed an area I had previously sprayed.  Why, well we had some pretty hard rain falls and its been a week since the last spray, that was not properly mixed.  As I was spraying, the skeeter were thick, but not like in the past.  This time, with a proper mixture, I noticed a strong order of garlic.  You might being saying Duh!  But, I am just trying to let you know there is a difference when properly mixed.  About an hour later, I walked back into the area behind the coop and no skitters.  Not even one! 

Today, I was mowing and trimming in the same area behind the coop and not a skitter was present.  However, I did notice a low level garlic smell...   Let me weigh this for ya... Skitters or a mid aroma of Garlic.... Hmmm!  I am going with the garlic aroma.  After all I like garlic on most everything.

This product has not or did not promise miracles from the uses of this garlic spray, but I am enjoying being outside right now in Minnesota.  Yes, even after dark!

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  1. Wondering if it kills or repels the beneficials as well. My garden is healthier with these beneficials. The ladybugs keep the aphids under control. It says it kills chiggers, midges, ticks, fleas, and gnats. How can it kill all of these and not harm the butterflies, ladybugs, and other beneficials?

  2. Wondering,

    I have not noticed any ill affects to other insects, which I have plenty of around my garden and yard.


  3. How long after spraying does the garlic smell disappear I'm having a wedding in my 2 acre back yard with 5 acres of mowed field next to it???? don't want guest smelling garlic wedding on Sept. 6th?? I already bought the spray just afraid to use it. thanks Steve

  4. Normally, the odor is gone overnight, but I would give is a 24 hour period. If you have time... start spraying days ahead of the a vent. Also, I haven't noticed it affecting any other insects.

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